Thursday, February 25, 2010


so yes, we all know i clearly have an obsession for certain things: one of them being models. someone once asked me, "why do you have an obsession for models?"

my answer was simple: besides the fact that they have limbs that run on for eternity and are super skinny things- i really enjoy the fact that they are so easily transformed for each designers collections and concepts. they complete the entire look for the designers.

so here are a few that i love:

1. Valentina Zelyaeva
-she was one of my earliest obsessions- mostly throughout college she was my ultimate fav. she is the main face for ralph lauren for awhile. i love how fresh/ innocent she looks in these close-ups underneath. she has a very plain jane/simpleness to her that i love. her eyes/eyebrow are just perfection!

2. Daul Kim
-unfortunately daul is no longer with us (may she rest in peace). she was battling depression for awhile and she took her life at her paris apt nov.19,2009. i loved her not only because she was gorgeous and sultry looking- but she had a lot of spunk in her personality. i followed her blog - which was full of entertaining stories/thoughts she had. look at her eyes and high cheek bones!

here's a clip of her ad for the chanel cocoon handbags:

3. Sigrid Agren
- sigrid has been around awhile but she is my latest obsession! for every single pret-a-porter that i have been looking at, i continue to stop at her face. similar to valentina, she has a really clean/fresh and simple look. take note of her pouty lips.

4. Hyoni Kang
- hyoni won the fords model world competition at 2008 which made her a huge hit.. which eventually landed her on many many designers' runways. i ran into her whilst shopping with my mom in ny. we were looking at vintage givenchy necklaces and she was right next to me adoring the jewelry as well. she is so young and full of energy. i love that she has a round face and really small eyes. she has a look that is very reminiscent of hye park.

i also ran into her by the tents at bryant park for nyfw a few weeks back. i asked if i could get a pic with her and she smiled and nodded:

oh models.. i will continue to modelize. why don't you join me?


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