Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Neutrals

I have been obsessed with two things lately:

Nudes/Greys and Max Azria.

I am so excited to no longer wear sweaters and coats and bring out the spring dresses and sandals. Recently I have been gawking at Max's Max Azria line specially the RTW Spring 2009 collection. All the colors are so soft, the design is simple (which is definitely my cup of tea), and the drapery definitely works beautifully when in motion. With everything accented with a belt- just makes enough for an accessory. The tone-on-tone look is also genius- it gives the outfit a little 'omph' but it is still very understated.

Wish I could pull off what Hye Park is so-lovely modeling.
Just bought the dress below! I just couldn't resist!

I love the jumpsuit look! The blue dress would look beautiful if worn backwards too.

Monday, February 23, 2009

These SHOES are made for walking...

I have always been more of a bag lady versus a shoe lady... but lately I cannot stop gawking at the sight of these shoes. It may be the cause of my recent knee surgery and my inability to walk, but I am recently obsessed with the thought of flaunting these beautiful heels/flats with nice simple dresses to showcase them.

Velvet Angels


Giuseppe Zanotti

Belle by Sigerson Morrison

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Question...

As I took an evening stroll around the empty but scenic streets of Rodeo with my good friend, she turns to ask me, "What's your favorite designer?"

Two words, one fashion house: Alber Elbaz for LANVIN.

Reasons for why I am in LOVE with Lanvin's collections:

1. Construction: the fabric is used in an architectural manner. Growing up I was always fascinated by architecture which ultimately lead me to study the subject throughout college. To see that a person can wear architecture- completely satisfies me.

2. Shapes: there is some kind of magic when it comes to how drapery is used in the clothing. Although drastic/full drapery can often lead to shapeless clothing, he creates these really wonderful structure which glorifies the natural shape of a woman.

3. Color: Lanvin has the absolute perfect color schemes possible. The jewel tones are not only rich and vibrant- which is only accentua
ted with their use of black. The jewel tones they choose have enough warmth to make the pieces more modern.

4. Classic: All of the pieces are classic, time-pieces. I would wear anything Lanvin not only today, but until my grand children are begging me to pass it on to them.

5. Natalie Portman: My love for Natalie Portman's choices in fashion has always been apparent through the years. But after she has shown up in Lanvin more than several occasions, she has not only been the best dressed (of course in my opinion)... but it clearly indicates how much she has matured in her style.

Some of my Favs:

Natalie Portman in Lanvin (in Cannes):

My fav Natalie in Lanvin moment:

Mr. Elbaz himself:

isn't he adorable?