Thursday, March 11, 2010

IRO - my - hero

my obsession seems to take a new lengths as the days go by. I have been meaning to share this fashionization awhile back but here a handful of looks from IRO's fall09 and spring10 lookbook.

i love the simple-ness, chic-ness, and slight edge to all these looks. push and pull with masculine and feminine ideas.

what i wear these days (literally sporting the grey jacket over and over again):

low-slung trousers say relaxed but still very put together.

what i will be wearing shortly (when weather permits):

shorts are flirty but not too tight that they are inappropriate.

what i aspire to pull off:

leather is sexy baby.

simple staples:

me and thigh-high anything goes hand in hand.

my spring inspirations:

neutral palates done well.

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